Process Automation Case Study

Automate Recording Invoice Receipts in Quickbooks Desktop

The Challenge

A long-standing client with Solve recently came to us with a process challenge to improve. The background is that this client is a large distributor of certain products. One of their larger customers is 7-Eleven©. The client delivers goods to many 7-Elevens© in their delivery area. This relationship creates a happy challenge, when 7-Eleven© pays, it does so electronically, and gives a remittance advice as a CSV attachment to an E-Mail. Each payment is paying over 1,000 invoices per week and the payments need to be entered into Quickbooks. If the person performing this task can record 2 receipts per minute, this works out to about 10 hours per payment.

Solve’s Solution

Solve wrote a small App, that uploads the remittance information. The applet totals up the Invoices, the payment discounts and the net payments, displays them for the client, and then records them automatically in Quickbooks. The entire process takes about 10 minutes, saving the client 40 hours per month.

The Cost

As one of our Managed Services clients, this client was eligible for our discount pricing on Applets. (Applets are light weight single purpose programs). For this Applet, their monthly cost only increased $99.99. A net savings of $700.00 per month with a huge improvement in accuracy, staff utilization and happiness.

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