Database Administrator Services (DBA)

With Solve Ltd.’s database administrator services, you get access to our Washington, DC area based expert team of DBA’s, architects and engineers to manage all aspects of your database systems. Our team focuses on Oracle and Microsoft SQL database. Each member of our team has between 10 and 30 years of direct hands on database experience.

Database Administrator Services by Solve Ltd. offers:

  • 24X7 Database monitoring and response
  • Washington DC area based team providing remote and on-site database services
  • Customer defined Custom Availability
  • Root-Cause Analysis and Appropriate Corrective Actions
  • Life Cycle migration of Ad-Hoc queries to Stored Functions
  • Backups, disaster recovery, and scheduled restore testing
  • Continual health checks and performance tuning

Call us at 703-879-2070 and we will explain our strategy for providing your organization with Healthy, High Performing, Useful Data at an unmatched value. Please download our cheat sheet on what you should expect from an expert database administrator.

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