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Cloud Database Migration Washington DC

Think About Migrating Your Database to the Cloud

We will match your migration objectives with a solution that will align with the capacity, performance and budget criteria as specified by your team. We will offer alternative solutions where necessary. Once a solution has been chosen, we will create a customized logical step by step plan, which we will follow through the implementation phase.

Our Services

Database Administration

Outsource or co-source the day to day management maintenance and support of your databases

Database and BI Resource

Supplement your on-site resources with our highly skilled certified professionals

Database and BI Consulting

Utilize our specific qualities and expertise to solve database and BI related challenges

Database License Consulting

Optimize your database license investment, ensuring effective pricing and application

Data Platform Modernization

Modernize your data platform to reduce cost, take advantage of latest features

Remote DBA

Your organization needs a remote DBA if you can answer yes to any one of these questions:

  • Your organization has an important database that requires a DBA, yet you don’t have on staff the specific knowledge to direct and manage the activities required to perform this role at an optimum level.
  • Your organization is using other IT staff to perform the dba duties, which detracts from their ability to focus and perform well on their assigned duties.
  • Your organization has high turnover at the dba level. High turnover in this position is a recipe for eventual disaster.

Remote DBA Services Washington DC

What to Expect from your Database Administrator

Solve Ltd.’s views of the database administrators’ (DBA’s) responsibilities are rooted in the concept that the database must provide an appropriately available secure robust environment for data entry, while providing management with instant access to all of the organization’s Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s). Furthermore we consider a well maintained database with poor information availability to be nothing more than a data warehouse, not an information engine for driving an organizations success.

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