Reason to Choose On-Site IT Services for Your Company

All modern businesses require technical support in some capacity, no matter the industry or service. Employees need to be able to access company programs and data quickly to communicate, process orders, and interact with customers. This is just one key reason why on-site IT services are crucial for operation.

Technical issues can cost businesses thousands of dollars in a short amount of time. In fact, it costs the majority of companies between $300,000 to $400,000 for every hour that their server was down. This includes costs of repairs plus potential lost sales.

Reason to Choose On-Site IT Services for Your Company

Many business leaders do not understand the importance of having an on-site IT service readily available to prevent these problems from happening. Oftentimes, smaller companies assume that they cannot afford on-site IT services. Over one-third of businesses outsource the majority of their IT support to a service that is not on-site.

While hiring a remote IT support company may seem like a beneficial option, there are far more benefits to having support on-site instead. If your business is comparing the pros and cons of remote or on-site IT services Baltimore, there are plenty of reasons to hire a support team.

Let’s discuss.

1. Why Choose On-Site IT Services Over Remote?

In theory, off-site IT services seem like a great option – particularly for smaller companies with limited space. However, this distance can cause issues that outweigh the benefits of remote IT support.

First, you will not be the only client the IT support team is assigned to. Chances are they have dozens more – so, you may have trouble reaching technicians quickly. You will also need to schedule times for them to come into the office if needed. This could slow down your company’s operations and productivity.

There is also the trouble of connecting with your IT service so the technicians know your situation. Your company is just a client – and you will likely be bounced from person to person to explain your needs or issues until you receive support.

Secondly, it can be a bit riskier to contact remote services for sensitive data support issues. There have been incidents of cybercriminals posing as employees from remote IT support companies who require information such as passwords or file access over the phone or through email.

Finally, it can be harder to budget for IT support as they sometimes charge per hour. Moreover, they may add on extra fees for additional services, so it is quite difficult to estimate the monthly charges. Your bill could also fluctuate and increase dramatically if you require more work one month than the next.

There is only so much technical support that can be handled remotely. But if you are not very technically savvy or you need physical support for system setups, remote IT services are not the best option.

2. Services You Receive from an IT Support Company

On-site IT services provide support in numerous aspects and become an integral part of the business. The IT support company provides either an individual or a team of technicians available during business hours for assistance as needed.

If you decide to partner with on-site IT services Baltimore, your company can receive the following services:

1. Data Security Support

The issue of cybersecurity is a major concern for businesses of all sizes and across all industries. Last year, over 155 million records containing sensitive information were leaked or hacked.

Partnering with on-site IT services gives your business additional protection from cyber-attacks - as technicians can monitor any potential threats. IT teams conduct cybersecurity assessments to pinpoint any current risks and can offer hands-on training to teach your employees tactics to avoid common risks.

2. Cloud Resource Management

Many businesses have started to utilize cloud-based technology for streamlined data storage and remote access. On-site IT support teams can assist in this process by designing strategies for this migration to the cloud and ensure all files are properly organized and secure with new cloud systems.

3. Backup and Recovery

Lost data files can cause a panic for any company – thankfully, on-site technicians are responsible for integrating data replication and cloud backup solutions to store records in case of an emergency.

4. Instant Assistance

Managed IT services help with a range of technical issues related to servers, PCs, software programs, and even printers. Any time an employee runs into an issue, technicians can take a look and troubleshoot the problem quickly.

3. Benefits of On-Site IT Services

Partnering with an on-site IT support Baltimore gives you the upper hand for numerous reasons.

1. Scalable to Grow with Your Business

One of the best aspects of outsourcing IT services is they are designed to support your business as it grows. You do not need to worry about hiring additional team members for specific roles. Instead, the IT support company is responsible for providing additional technicians as needed.

2. Fits into Any Budget

Most on-site IT service companies offer monthly or annual rates customized based on the business’s size and support needs. Additionally, this set price will cover costs related to network repairs, replacement, and system maintenance. This makes it a far more cost-effective solution than other options with fluctuating prices.

3. Supports Digital Transformation

Most companies are making the effort to move towards digitalization to keep up with emerging technology and innovations. However, this transition can be incredibly challenging, particularly for companies that are not exceptionally proficient with new technology.

On-site IT services will provide support during the process of digital transformation with suggestions and work frames depending on your goals. Whether your business wants to transition into totally digital documentation or is looking for ways to integrate AI, IoT, and emerging tech, on-site IT support teams will make it happen.

4. Office Setup Configurations

Another service that on-site IT teams provide is computer and network setups for the entire office. If you decide to upgrade a PC, switch network providers, or expand your office’s configurations, the in-house IT team is there to help. On-site IT services will assist with device management, network administration, and account setups for employees.

5. Reduces Risk

Smaller companies are often more vulnerable to viruses and hacks. In fact, 43% of all cyber-attacks target SMBs, but only 14% can protect their systems. Having an on-site IT support team means that you have experts constantly monitoring the safety of your network.

IT support is responsible for managing cybersecurity by installing preventative measures and solutions. They also receive real-time alerts of any potential threats and step into action right away.

6. Ensures Compliance

Sadly, many businesses are guilty of violating security and privacy compliance standards without even realizing it. For example, payment processing data must meet regulations - as stated by the Payment Cloud Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). If a company violates these standards, it could face large fines – not to mention a loss of trust and damaged reputation.

On-site IT companies are responsible for providing compliant security systems to protect and encrypt sensitive data. They will also provide the necessary documents and information needed in the case of a security audit.

7. Expert Support and Assistance

Another key benefit to having an IT team on-site is you have experts to provide help and advice at all times. Whether you are having trouble getting a program to work correctly or the printer isn’t connecting to the network, an on-site technician will step in to solve the problem right away.

8. Leave it to the Professionals

Having access to a team of professionals around the clock for any IT issues allows business leaders to focus on more pressing matters. They no longer have to find solutions to make their systems more organized, safer, or operational – that is the job of the on-site IT team.

This allows managers and employees to focus more on the tasks at-hand that fall under their job descriptions. IT teams can also provide setups and digital workflows that improve overall productivity. Overall, having an on-site IT service is truly a win-win for everyone in the business.

4. How to Choose an On-Site IT Service in Baltimore

Hiring a local IT support company that offers on-site teams for the area of Baltimore is the ideal solution for many companies. But there are plenty of businesses that offer on-site IT services in Baltimore and the surrounding areas – so, how do you pick just one?

First, be sure that they can provide a range of services that match your business’s unique needs and ultimate goals. The type of IT support one business requires is often unique based on that company’s size, industry, and experience with technology. Be sure to consider which services are going to make the greatest difference to your business specifically, such as:

  • Desktop support
  • Disaster recovery planning
  • Server virtualization
  • Phone and VoIP solutions
  • Virus/malware protection
  • Data backup solutions
  • Cloud management
  • Application development
  • Database administrator services (DBA)

Next, be sure to partner with a company that can provide help outside of normal business hours. While on-site IT support will physically be with your team during routine office hours, cyber-attacks and IT issues can happen at any hour. Managed IT service teams must be available around the clock to step in as needed to resolve any emergencies.

And finally, you should only hire an on-site IT service Baltimore that is willing to work with your business – not just for it. This includes customizing their services according to your company’s requirements and creating an affordable plan.


Hiring an on-site IT service is an important step for businesses to take if they want to ensure their systems are operating correctly and optimized for the future. However, it is crucial to find the right IT support company that provides all of the services your business needs at a price that fits into your budget.

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